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Spicy Ginger and Scallion Noodles

Spicy Ginger and Scallion Noodles

Summer is a tricky season for me. At a time when the stores all around the city displaying beautiful summer produce, it’s too damn hot to spend time in the kitchen and cook all of them. The only solution is to make something simple which involves less cooking time. These spicy ginger and scallion noodles are one of my favourite summer recipes. These noodles are so addictive and don’t need much cooking time, you only need 5 to maximum 10 minutes to boil the noodles and heat the oil.  Continue Reading

Foods Rice & Grains

Middle Eastern Rice with Beans and Tomato

Rice is a staple food in Indonesia- and also in most Asian country. In Asia rice have become as important as bread.  Although our lifestyle has change and some people cut out the rice from their menu, but the old age “we have not eaten unless we have had rice” is true.Rice playing an important role in our diets, we eat it for lunch, dinner or sometimes for breakfast. It main source of carbohydrate and adding necessary fiber and starch to our diets. Continue Reading

Foods Rice & Grains

Vegemite & Sweet Onion Capellini

Vegemite & Sweet Onion Capellini

I’m not a big fan of vegemite, but I love this recipe. This vegemite & sweet onion capellini is based on Nigella Lawson’s Marmite Spaghetti. I’ve made Nigella’s marmite spaghetti and I like it, but this time I made a little modification. Sweet caramelized onion really compliment the salty umami flavour of vegemite. And peppery arugula lift this simple dish pasta to refreshing heights, even my mom loves this pasta. Continue Reading

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Za’atar and Goat Cheese Couscous Fritters

Za'atar and Goat Cheese Couscous Fritters

I’m trying to be more productive this year, spending more time in the kitchen cooking and developing new recipes.  Just like last year, this year I also joining Epicurious Cook90 cooking challenge. Today is the third week of the cooking challenge and so far I managed to cook my meal every day. To make the daily cooking easy I need to be creative and make a different meal with the leftover. Like these za’atar and goat cheese couscous fritters, I made it with my leftover dinner. Continue Reading

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Golden Couscous with Crispy Onion and Fried Egg

Golden Couscous

Super simple and tasty golden couscous with crispy onion, perfect tasty mid-week meal. The couscous is lightly spiced with turmeric and cinnamon powder, then mix through with tomato, chillies and cilantro; Light and fresh, almost like a salad. Serve it for dinner with fish or grilled lamb, or with grilled aubergine for vegetarian dishes.  Continue Reading