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Coffesso Coffee Bag: An Easy Way to Get Your Coffee Fix

Coffesso Coffee Bag

Last week I visited SIAL Interfood 2016 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. More than 800 exhibitors from 34 countries and regions showing their product in the area of 300.000 square kilometres. At the end of the day, my stomach is full and my feet are sore, but I’m excited because there are too many delicious foods and drinks to try. From coffee to wine, spices and baking ingredients, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Continue Reading

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Japanese Sweet Bread Class at Bungasari Innovation Centre

Bungasari Innovation Center

What you usually do when you feel sad, angry or just bored? I guess most people would do sleeping, eating or even shopping. I love food, and I must admit turn to food at my emotionally weakest point is the easiest thing to do. But instead drowning my face in a bucket of fried chicken or a pint of ice cream, I would prefer to do something more positive like cooking.  Continue Reading

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Chocolate Discoveries with Pipiltin Cocoa at BAM!

Pipiltin Cocoa at BAM! Tapas Sake & Bar

One day in early December, when the sun beat down and the air of Jakarta filled with nonsense. I took off from the train and walking down on the railway platform. The green checkmark flashing lightly when I’m tapping my single-trip card into an exit gate.  I don’t know why, but I feel excited every time I see that green checkmark flashing. It feels like I’ve completed a big mission… call me delusional, but  I’ve conquered my fear. Continue Reading