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  • Torch Ginger Fried Rice
    Foods Recipe Rice & Noodles

    Easy Torch Ginger Fried Rice Recipe

    Torch Ginger, Kecombrang, Honje, Wild Ginger, Bunga Kantan, Wild Ginger…whatever the name, this exotic flower is another valuable ingredient in Indonesian kitchen. The long stemmed bud of torch ginger flower looks…

  • Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch
    Event Foods

    Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

    From the oceans to the mountains Indonesia is endowed with abundant natural produce. Comprising over 17,000 islands and two-thirds of the total area of Indonesia is ocean then surely edible seafood…

  • Twice-fried plantain with sambal

    Twice-Fried Plantain with Sambal

    A few years ago back in my hometown in South Sulawesi, I discovered about Sanggara Janda, a twice-fried plantain. In local dialect, sanggara janda literally means fried widow. I’m not sure where…

  • Cooking Class at Gyoza Bar

    Cooking Class at Gyoza Bar Jakarta

      It’s not a typical Saturday… I remember Jakarta is still quiet that day. Sunlight kisses my eyelids, trying to convince me that this is the right time for me to…

  • Flavors of Indonesia Cooking Class
    City Guides Event Foods

    Flavors of Indonesia Cooking Class

    It always amazed me when a person shares their passion and most intimates stories with people through publication writing. Such is the case with William Wongso’s “Flavors of Indonesia”. Through his book,…

  • Beef Foods Recipe

    Grandma’s Beef Curry

    I ate this beef curry since early childhood. I remember often my mum make this curry not only for Eid celebration but also made it when a guest from abroad come…