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  • Crispy Fish Fillet with Sambal Mangga

    Crispy Fish Fillet with Sambal Mangga

    This crispy fish fillet with sambal mangga is a perfect treat for cheat day. Crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside fried fish fillet served with sweet and…

  • Tofu and Vegetable Momo
    Foods Recipe

    Tofu and Vegetable Momo

    There are so many dumpling varieties from sweet to savoury, fried, boiled or pan-fried. It also comes in different shapes and fillings. Dumpling fillings also very versatile from juicy pork and…

  • Persian Saffron Rice Pudding

    Persian Saffron Rice Pudding

    Sholeh zard is a sweet and delicate Persian Saffron Rice Pudding with a hint of cardamom and rosewater. Traditionally this Iranian rice pudding is served during special event and festivals. …

  • Sweet Potato Hash with Chickpea
    Foods Poultry Recipe

    Sweet Potato Hash with Chickpea

    Sweet potato hash with chickpea and roasted red pepper. More than just a delicious breakfast, this Middle Eastern-inspired sweet potato hash is quick and packed with flavour. Pre-cooked your sweet potatoes…

  • Foods

    Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Biji Salak

    No fast-breaking meal can be considered complete without a portion of this traditional dessert being served up. I’ve given this old favourite a twist and made this pumpkin and sweet potato…