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  • Apple and Mint Iced Green Tea
    Drinks Foods Recipe

    Apple and Mint Iced Green Tea

    A simple apple and mint iced green tea recipe perfect for hot summer day. From kids to adult everyone can enjoy this iced tea drink. This recipe combine chilled green tea…

  • Fried Okra Bites
    Foods Recipe

    Fried Okra Bites

    These fried okra bites are out of this world! Bite-size okra pieces coated lightly with egg and flour, then deep-fried to crispy, golden brown perfection. Serve them up as a snack…

  • Es Cendol Cold Brew
    Drinks Foods Recipe

    Es Cendol Cold Brew

    The weather is very hot today and I’m craving a sweet and cold drink…it even better if it has caffeine. I found my mom’s homemade cendol and a bottle of cold…

  • Rujak Salad with Watercress
    Foods Recipe

    Rujak Salad with Watercress

    This rujak salad with watercress is a vegetarian version of Javanese rujak. Combination of fresh fruits, watercress and a sweet-spicy sauce is unbelievably refreshing.…

  • Crispy Fish Fillet with Sambal Mangga

    Crispy Fish Fillet with Sambal Mangga

    This crispy fish fillet with sambal mangga is a perfect treat for cheat day. Crispy on the outside, soft and flaky on the inside fried fish fillet served with sweet and…