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Japanese Sweet Bread Class at Bungasari Innovation Centre

Bungasari Innovation Center

What you usually do when you feel sad, angry or just bored? I guess most people would do sleeping, eating or even shopping. I love food, and I must admit turn to food at my emotionally weakest point is the easiest thing to do. But instead drowning my face in a bucket of fried chicken or a pint of ice cream, I would prefer to do something more positive like cooking.  Continue Reading

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Chocolate Discoveries with Pipiltin Cocoa at BAM!

Pipiltin Cocoa at BAM! Tapas Sake & Bar

One day in early December, when the sun beat down and the air of Jakarta filled with nonsense. I took off from the train and walking down on the railway platform. The green checkmark flashing lightly when I’m tapping my single-trip card into an exit gate.  I don’t know why, but I feel excited every time I see that green checkmark flashing. It feels like I’ve completed a big mission… call me delusional, but  I’ve conquered my fear. Continue Reading