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Cocobeet Senayan City, Plant Based Eatery in Jakarta

Cocobeet Senayan City

Looking for healthy lunch or post-workout meal? Pop by at Cocobeet Senayan City to grab some plant-based & wholesome foods. Comes all the way from Boston, United States, Cocobeet offers a wide array of cold-pressed organic juices, homemade nut mylk, and juice cleanses.

Located in Senayan City 5th floor, just a short walk from Delicae and next to Haagen Dazs. At first, I wondered why they choose this spot as their location.  But then I found out there is a fitness centre on the upper floor, right across the Cocobeet. Of course, that makes a sense why they choose this location.  Continue Reading

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Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

From the oceans to the mountains Indonesia is endowed with abundant natural produce. Comprising over 17,000 islands and two-thirds of the total area of Indonesia is ocean then surely edible seafood is abundant. Not only seafood, Indonesian ocean also rich in minerals. As a country with the second-longest coastline in the world salt production in Indonesia is pretty high.

Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

In celebration of Indonesia’s Independence day, Samsara Indonesian Cuisine and Delicae present Ikan Noesantara Mini Tumpeng Merah Putih. This independence day luncheon was all about introducing the richness of Indonesian culture. From the main menu to side dish is a traditional Indonesian food.

Pepes Pangasius Ungkep Garam carefully selected as the main menu, considering that Indonesian archipelago has an abundant of marine products. Cooked with Indonesian herbs and spices, and also processed with traditional cooking methods but with a little twist.

Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

On arrival, guests were introduced to the Samsara’s unique fish menu. On the long table, there are two large containers of Pepes Pangasius that wrapped in salt. Inside the salt mixture, there was a fillet of pangasius seasoned with Indonesian spices and wrapped in the banana leaves. According to chef Sambas & chef Sanusi the function of the salt here is to keep the fish juicy and also to seal the aroma of pepes.

Our table was located in the corner of the room, in a perfect view of table chef. Red cloth and white flower adorned the table, symbolizing the spirits of Independence day. Glasses of Savis tea were sipped as the crowd began to catch up with another. Then our taste buds were delighted with delicious foods that rich in spices.  

Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch

Ikan Noesantara Independence Day Lunch Menu

Pepes Pangasius Ungkep Garam – Pangasius fillet wrapped in Banana Papillote with traditional Indonesian herbs & spices then baked to perfection under a thick blanket of salt and whisked egg whites

Urap Market Vegetables – Seasonal market vegetables tossed in a blend of spiced shredded coconut

Kripik Kentang Balado – Caramelized potato crips glazed with red chilli

Sambal Matah – piquant tropical flavours freshly made Balinese salsa

Mini Tumpeng Merah Putih –  A Javanese tradition filled with spiritual meaning healthy red & fragrant jasmine rice served in an iconic cone shape

Kerupuk Opak – Crunchy cassava crackers

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Tea Inspired Competition with Dilmah Tea

Fun Kitchen Tea Inspired Competition by Dilmah



For most people, Friday is the beginning of happiness and a good time. But, Friday morning for Jakartan means dealing with crazy traffic. Usually, I prefer to stay at home on Friday if there is nothing necessitating. However, today I feel excited and don’t really care about the traffic. It promptly 9 a.m when my uber finally arrived. I’m willing to get up early and got stuck in traffic for the sake of 5th Fun Kitchen: Tea Inspired Competition with Dilmah Tea event. Continue Reading

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An Exquisitea: Tea Pairing Session with Peter Kuruvita at Dilmah t-Lounge

Peter Kuruvita at t-Lounge by Dilmah

Tea is an inseparable part of Indonesian culture, when you are eating out in Indonesia you can see almost every restaurant have tea on their menu, even in a small eatery like warung you will usually be presented with a complimentary glass of tea. Visiting relatives house in Indonesia -mainly in a rural area- you will be served a cup of hot tea with sugar on the side and usually accompanied with a plate of piping hot fried banana. Continue Reading